Malmö International


Veronica Larsson spent many years on the international modelling circuit but writing has always been a part of the journey. Her passion for food and ambition of producing a cookbook was a longtime dream. Determined to have her book published in Sweden – the highest cookbook producing country per capita in the world – she needed a unique perspective to stand out. After finishing a Publishing Business education in Lund, Veronica practiced what she learned and created the Rubin publishing company. Her cookbook “Adrian’s skafferi/Adrian’s kitchen”, surprised people because of the stereotypes attached to models.

In 2014 the book was awarded “Cookbook of the year” in its category. In August  of this year, she published with “Hjärtan på tråd/Hearts on a thread.” The book is based on her own experiences after she lost her mother and father. Her latest project is writing an original series for Egmont Publishing house based on her modelling career and is due to be released this year.

As our guest speaker, Veronica will share her journey, the difficulties of meeting the demands of perfection as well as the struggle of never being good enough. She’ll talk about how this has shaped her as a person and how this is reflected in her books. Fellow Rotarians and guests of members are always warmly welcome at Malmö International Rotary meetings. If you'd like to join us for dinner after the meeting, plan to arrive at the hotel by 17:45 so that we can help you order a discounted meal from the restaurant menu.