So what can a football club do regarding sustainability?

A lot, it turns out!

Thank you, Magdalena Nour, for sharing Malmö FF's sustainable actions with us!

Magdalena Nour, a longtime friend of Malmö International Rotary Club, recently gave a presentation on the great sustainability work being done by Malmö FF.
Magdalena is an activist on many fronts that fit well with Rotary’s vision and goals such as sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Last year she started a new job as Head of Sustainability at Malmö FF.
Malmö FF owns their home stadium, which has 200 full-time employees (on a match day 500 persons are working). Malmö Idrottsgymnasium (a high school) is located in the building with 600 students having lunch every day. And the players in all the different teams are travelling to trainings and matches all over Sweden.
Because of this, MFF has much greater reach and impact on the local community of Malmö than you might expect for a football club. The organisation has many partners and great long-term initiatives for inclusion and education of children and youngsters all around the city.
Magdalena Nour (center) with MIRC President Pete Hallworth (left), MIRC Treasurer Virginie Février, and MIRC Incoming President Alireza Koozad (back).