Our guest speaker on April 22nd was Rebecka Ericsson, Regional Library Developer for Skåne, and her talk was one of the more relevant presentations we have had this year in MIRC. Democracy is under threat in many parts of the world and Sweden is a so-called full democracy with public libraries playing an important role in maintaining it.
We learned how the law that defines the role of libraries in Sweden charges them to further the development of a democratic society by “contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and the free formation of opinions."
We also learned that libraries in Sweden have a specific obligation to work with prioritised groups such as the disabled, national minorities and non-Swedish speakers. Rebecka noted that “Democracy is not a thing we have, it is something that we do.” Also that “Democracy is about coexisting within a multitude of opinions.”
Rotarians are committed to making sure we practice this together.