During a pair of Rotary Ego Speeches we had the pleasure to learn about the personal journeys of two “legal eagles” who have spread their wings from different starting points in Asia. Both have now landed with grace and style as members of the Malmö International Rotary Club.
We heard two very inspiring “Ego Speeches" from them recently. An Ego Speech is a kind of gentle rite of passage in Rotary where new members share a bit about their background, values and ambitions. Ariunzaya Munkhbat (Ariu) kicked us off with her journey from Mongolia, via Tokyo, Paris and Lund. Prasad Perera then shared his journey to Lund, from a politically troubled Sri Lanka via the University of West London.

Two very different journeys but many themes in common. Joy in travel, ambition, intellectually high performers laced with kindness and curiosity, both corporate lawyers finding their way in Sweden.

It was heart-warming to hear that the networks and supportive attitude of MIRC members have helped both Ariu and Prasad. They are not yet fully where they want to be, but with the drive and creativity they shared in their Ego Speeches, we are confident they will get there!
Ariunzaya Munkhbat, MIRC President Pete Hallworth and Prasad Perera.