Malmö International


Per Söder is a former teacher and hotel manager that today is a full-time yoga teacher with his wife and their studio, Yogamottagningen, in Stockholm.  Per is also author of a book on Yoga as a treatment for migraine.

Dr. Unnikrishnan Kavirajan is the owner and chief doctor of Agastyaa Heritage Ayurvedic Clinic in Kovalam, Kerala, South of India. He has clients from all over the world coming to get treatments and stay at his beautiful hotel. Per met "Dr. Unni", as he is commonly called,  more than 10 years ago at Pers hotel The Blue Hotel in Lidingö.

Together, Per and Dr. Unni will present "Ayurvedic health theory and practical use in Yoga."

Guests of members and fellow Rotarians are always warmly welcome at Malmö International Rotary meetings. please And if you'd like to join us for dinner after the meeting, plan to arrive at the hotel by 17:45 so that we can help you order a discounted meal from the restaurant menu.