Malmö International


Our own club member Liban Albanur will provide some background and statistics on the increasing incidents of fraud committed by import and export companies in Europe, and offer practical advice on how to combat it. Fraud is a criminal offence that occurs when an individual deceives others for financial or personal gain. Most national governments have an agency or a number of agencies responsible for controlling and stopping fraud, and Liban will give us some guidance on how to report potential fraud to them.

Liban works with multinational organizations and companies, with managing, guiding and project development. His background is within the fields of leadership, integration, diversity, managing, project development and Network Security. 

Fellow Rotarians and guests of members are always warmly welcome at Malmö International Rotary meetings. And if you'd like to join us for dinner after the meeting, please plan to arrive at the hotel by 17:45 so that one of our greeters can help you order a discounted meal from the restaurant menu.