Malmö International


Our guest speaker Nanna Carlsson will attempt to answer the question: Is it possible to lead diverse teams through respect, curiosity and love?

There is nothing more engaging than to feel that you are contributing to the development of, and be an active player in, something bigger than yourself. To be in an environment where you feel totally at peace and accepted. Many companies struggle today with their business being placed in many different countries and cultures. The workplace is not as diverse as it needs to be to mirror the consumers and our society.

Nanna is an HR consultant with experience of working with companies in northern Europe over the past 20 years, and she's learned that we need a new way of looking at culture and norms. Companies and organizations need to nurture their own specific internal culture. Perhaps this will enable business to foster harmony in the world by offering new “nations” with a common culture across political, gender, religion, beliefs and local norms.

The workforce of tomorrow will no longer work only for the big brands; they will find their own new “nation” where they fit in and where diversity is not an issue on any level. Diversity can be many things and in this presentation, Nanna will talk about the aspect of cultural diversity using a case from the food business where she helped a company implement leadership principles across 7 nations with the aim of building a new united company culture.

Guests of members and fellow Rotarians are always warmly welcome at Malmö International Rotary meetings. please And if you'd like to join us for dinner after the meeting, plan to arrive at the hotel by 17:45 so that we can help you order a discounted meal from the restaurant menu.