Malmö International

On Sunday 26th of June, we will take a final "walk in the park together" for the spring season.   
Venue:     Bulltofta Naturpark
Address:  Ringbergagatan 71, 212 30 Malmö 
Time:      14:00 hrs.
Bulltofta Naturpark is a sprawling green recreational area with well-marked walking trails stretching through tree groves of birch, ash and hazel, flower meadows and ponds.   

There are two walking trails that are easy to follow:  

Yellow/white trail 

  • Flansbjärsstigen 4,6 km

Red/white trail

  • Granbackestigen 2,2 km

There is a cafe in the park where you can purchase coffee and fika treats, including ice cream or you can bring your own picnic fare.  

Let's hope that Mother Nature smiles on us to make our get-together fun.  Please do bring your family, friends and pets for the walk.