Malmö International


The 2019 European Parliament elections: Between Transnationalism and Euroscepticism


Our guest speaker, Anamaria Dutceac Segesten, is Senior Lecturer in European Studies and vice-chair of the Center for European Studies at Lund University. Her current research interests are social media and politics, citizen participation and Euroscepticism.


In the Eastern part of the EU the rule of law has been sliding away, in particular in Hungary, Poland and Romania. In the Western part of the continent there are signs of a strong mobilization of anti-systemic forces, as illustrated by the 'gillet jaunes' protests in France, the birth of a strongly conservative Franco-nostalgic party in Spain, and the uncertainty around Merkel's successor's policies in Germany. At the same time as these trends would point in the direction of a weakened pro-integration support in Europe, we can also see a strong pan-European mobilization in favor of joint action, in particular in the question of climate policies. Also, for the first time, we have several transnational parties competing for Europeans' votes on a truly EU-wide agenda. This talk will present and discuss these opposing forces, while venturing some predictions about the results of the elections.

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