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Conscious communication is a new form of conversational techniques, expression rules and non-violent communication habits which can be learnt to bridge communication divides. Our guest speakers, Estève Pannetier and Anu Timmerbacka, will share the result of their research and insights into Quantum Conversations. Together they have built www.GreenElephant.org, which is a social enterprise with a mission to empower people to get along with meaningful conversations, communication and relationships.
Anu is a conscious communication coach. Her passion is to build connections and bridges between people regardless of their cultural backgrounds, gender and other diversity gaps. With these conscious influence skills, Anu wants to support the modern change agents who choose to use them for positive social impact.
Estève was trained as an innovation anthropologist and has been researching and building the periodic table of communication to empower humans to bridge the inevitable communication divides between people. Estève has brought his enthusiasm and practical insights to start-ups founders, corporate leaders and diplomats in over 15 countries over the last 23 years.
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